Thursday, March 2, 2017

Reasons for Ditching CL

1) Tight play range compared to past 3 years
2) False breaks becoming more common
3) Season changing - Active hours 9am behaving like inactive hours
4) Inconsistent market behaviour that require multi changes to strategy used.
5) Could be unforgiven for small mistakes
6) Becoming irrational and random that made university professors proud of themeselves ;)
7) Its time for "*moving forward"
8) Its becoming more political play.... and politic can ruin business

* Moving forward is a popular rhetoric for the time being in my office

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SIMming NQ

I decided to ditch CL at the moment and trying sim on NQ and ES.
I found NQ brings more stable result than ES.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Office politics

In my office yesterday, the bozzes are promoted to bigger positions - Directors.
In my memory, they have been upgraded a year ago. - Group GM
And 2 years before that, their grades also promoted- GM
And During the last time I'm promoted as junior level mgmt M 6 years ago, they already promoted to a senior levels substantially - SM
Somebody just have their lucks, even though their departments got losses year after year - market share and money. Its all recorded in proper reports. Somebody dont read reports. or worse, didnt work
and pass all responsiblities to others to freeing their time golfing

Thats why I like trading.
in trading, if I dont follow the rules - I will lose
in trading, if i follow the wrong rules - I will lose
in trading, if i didnt work - I will lose

In all craziness of CL market esc on Wednesday EIA , it still reasonable most of the time and even accurate to a tick!
Its a mad world out there, and many mad politicians.
unreasonables and jungle rules

++ 8 ticks


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

OK but 3 things to improve:

1) No need to wait for a start
2) If the move already started, jump in ..believe it :)
3) Use more lines to measure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

+4 tick ...

try again for bigger gain.

post trade:
I traded the old contract. No wonder its had no dynamic movement.
My chart has auto rollover, but it not good enough to trace liquidity.
My old pc had a reminder note on desktop but the new pc hasn't.
Only now I put a sticknote on desktop on my new PC. That's life.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Alhamdulillah live trade +21

i read mkt correctly, so I has to follow the plan.
But I dont go to waiting area as show time will come sooner.
short entry 53.84  1 lot 1 trade
One of the best live trade as long as I remember.

Different approach this time

The old routine - open pc and fixed eyes on chart till my eyes burning and my brain tired and made silly mistakes.

So beginning of this new year, I will start a new routine.
1) open pc
2) write down what i see on chart, my entry, my exit (based on Trader X blog) - gurus said this is THE PLAN
3) calculate possible timing entry - target time
4) if the market is slow (70% of time) , I shall wait at other waiting area - watching tv or chatting with family members till target time
5) happy hour shooting trade if market proved that I'm synchro and IN THE EFFECTIVE KILLING ZONE (plan = mkt)

In fact i already started it yesterday...I waited on my bed, and dozed off xtra 2 hours instead of target time 30 min.

May be I failed to profit yesterday, but at least I conserved my energy ..haha

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mental and charts

Today is Friday, and I like to ramble today..

Trader like me has 2 common problems:

1) Trading idea - or lack of it.
2) Trading fatigue - tonned of it.

Trading idea is like a concept of when to enter and when to exit.
Trading idea need to be produce in charts, as accurate as possible.
You need to know how to use the software, or hire a programmer.
If it cant be produce in charts, its all in the mind, and we call it discretionary.

Trading fatigue is when the trader's mind cant compute or trade following the plan.
He knows the rule but simply broken it, over and over again.
If the market consist of thousand trading minds, so the market also can be wrong.
But the market is might, and might is right.

So, the only hope is to focusing on producing trading idea into charts signals.
(Or, has a mind made of steel, not organic matter)
Now the brain can use its all strength to just follow the signal on charts.
The plan.
While trading, don't think, just follow the signals.
Be like a zombie in the zone.
Do it first, think later.

Difficult isn't it. We like to think first.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

wrong place at wrong time..not using POP rule 1

and I have flu.. perfect
my overall direction was correct but the timing all wrong..
decided to use dummy tactic as below and
 sim in next session to test it out